Feet 1st Shoes

"Shoes That Work For Feet That Hurt"
Meet The Pedorthist

Wade Nield is the owner of Feet 1st Shoes, Inc. A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Wade graduated from the University of Central Florida with a BS degree in Finance. He also completed a graduate study program at the Florida School of Banking at the University of Florida. Prior to starting Feet 1st Shoes in 2002, Wade spent twenty two years in the banking industry. The last five years of his career Wade was Senior Vice President and Director of Business Marketing for First Union Corporation, the sixth largest bank in the U.S. In that capacity Wade managed the nation-wide marketing efforts of the company’s business-to-business divisions. Wade has a history of public speaking at national trade conferences and extensive civic involvement.


In 2001, Wade became familiar with Pedorthics through a Podiatrist that he knew socially. Sensing the growing need for pedorthic services coupled with the strong desire to start his own business, Wade attended the Eneslow certification program at the New York College of Podiatry and subsequently passed the Florida licensing exam and completed the state required internship to become a licensed Certified Pedorthist. Feet 1st Shoes, Inc. opened for business on July 1, 2002 and has since served over ten thousand clients. Wade and his staff provide prescription footwear services to patients referred by  health care professionals throughout northeast Florida and southeast Georgia. Their services include off the shelf orthopedic, athletic and comfort shoes, custom shoes, custom inserts and orthotics, and shoe modifications.






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