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Prescription Services

In addition to serving walk-in customers we provide a wide range of prescription pedorthic services for patients referred by Podiatrists and Physicians from across northeast Florida and southeast Georgia.

The following are just a few of the more commonly prescribed products or services:

Custom Orthotics for plantar fasciitis, excessive pronation or posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Feet 1st uses Langer Biomechanics to custom fabricate orthotics for our customers. Langer is one of the oldest and largest orthotics labs in the country.

Custom Accommodative Shoe Inserts for arthritis, knee pain, metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis and other conditions. We hand fabricate all of our custom inserts in our own in-house lab. This allows us the ultimate control over product quality and allows us to offer a fast turnaround.

Extra Depth Shoes for bunions, hammertoes or other foot deformities. We offer a wide range of extra depth footwear by well known manufacturers such as P.W. Minor, Drew, Aetrex, Dr. Comfort and Orthofeet

Diabetic Footwear for individuals experiencing foot problems related to diabetes. With proper documentation these shoes are covered by Medicare and Feet 1st Shoes gladly accepts Medicare assignment. We are also providers for Blue Cross Blue Shield, Tricare and AvMed.

Custom Molded Shoes for individuals with severe medical problems of the feet or severe foot deformity that prevents the fitting of off-the-shelf shoes. Patients feet are cast in our private casting area in order to create the shoes last from which the custom shoes will be fabricated.

Shoe Modifications such as lifts for leg length discrepancy, sole wedging for hypermobility of the feet or metatarsal bars or rocker bottoms for arthritis of the forefeet.

NOTE: To ensure that referred patients receive our undivided attention, we see customers with prescriptions by appointment only. Please call 904-731-FEET (3338) for an appointment.

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